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Mr Diagnostic

The Mobile Automotive Diagnostics and Programming Leader in New England!

Automotive Professionals

Here is how I can help save money.

You don’t have to make any out of pocket payments for equipment or maintenance of that equipment ever. That is an estimated $60,000 for equipment and about $8000 maintenance a year for updates and programming fees just for Japanese and American coverage.

You do not have to keep an A+ rate technician on the payroll to find the not so easy fixes, you don’t have to pay for the schooling needed to keep that tech at the A+ level or training on all the different systems for the different manufacturers. That is an estimated $70,000 to $100,000 per year saved between salary and training.

You will be able to offer most computerized services that you have to send to the dealer now. This keeps the customer in your shop and reduces the chance of losing that customer to the dealers brainwashing techniques about how the customer should only go to them and use only oe parts all the time.

You will cut down the guessing games played by not having the proper diagnostic equipment. No more “lets throw a part at it and see if it fixes it” diagnostics. Your Technicians keep fixing the quick and easy money making services and I fix the hard to find problems. I do this a lot quicker than your techs because I have the diagnostic equipment you don’t and I use it every day. So something that would take your tech 3 hours might take me a little over an hour.

When you call you are getting an ASE L1 certified diagnostic Technician that is also a CIRT for the RI state inspection program. I also hold many AC Delco electronics and electrical system certificates. A previous garage owner that understands the high expense of overhead for an automotive shop and someone that has specialized in this for over 10 years now. 20 plus years as a regular all around technician.

With a call to me you save yourself around 130 to 160k per year as figured above.