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Mr Diagnostic

The Mobile Automotive Diagnostics and Programming Leader in New England!

Mr. Diagnostic’s guide to making you more money.


1) Do you want to retain and build your customer base?

2) Do you want proper diagnostics done in a timely manner?

3) Do you want to add more productive/ billable hours to your day?

4) Do you want to save business expenses so you can add to your bottom line?

I do not think there is an automotive business owner out there that would answer NO to any of these questions. I can help you and your business achieve these questions more efficiently without you spending a dime out of your pocket!


1) Using my services prevents you having to send any of your customers to the dealer for programming or diagnostics you are unequipped for! This makes you a hero in your customer’s eyes because most of them equate dealer to RIPOFF!

2) Most vehicle problems I am able to find within an hour or so!

3) You do not have to tie a tech up with diagnosing an electrical/ computer problem that could take him or her hours to figure out! Instead they can be doing the quick brake job or tune up that makes you a better profit margin while the diagnostic is getting done by me. Now both jobs are getting done at the same time adding billable hours to the end of the day!

4) Using my services saves you from buying expensive diagnostic equipment, upgrades for that equipment, education costs on running that equipment, and all of my charges to you can be passed through to your customer. In the end you still get the repair job from whatever we find wrong with the vehicle!