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Mr Diagnostic

The Mobile Automotive Diagnostics and Programming Leader in New England!


Q) Why would I pay you to do what I can get for free at Auto Zone?

A) You can't get what I am offering for free at any parts store. All the parts store does is pull a code from your computer and then assumes the part is bad and tries to sell you a part you might not need.I suggest you read my Diagnostics page or view my diagnostic infomercial in the Videos page

Q) What can you do that my repair facility can't?

A) I can see into the vehicles computer system in more depth with the Manufacturer's diagnostic computers which makes it easier to diagnose hard to find problems.

Q) Why would I want you to diagnose my car instead of the dealer?

A) I come to you at your house or where ever you want the diagnostic to be done. After I diagnose the problem you can choose who you want to do the repair, or even do it yourself.

Q) Do you do repairs?

A) Yes I do. Mostly for private customers in my personal garage.

Q) Are you insured

A) Yes!