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Mr Diagnostic

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Sticking with the basics!

I was called into a shop for an intermittent no start on a 2000 Pontiac Grand am. I got there and it would start but the security light stayed on. I then asked the tech what he had done so far. He stated the car was towed in from another local shop that threw parts at it but still had the problem. They replaced the ignition key and tumbler, coil packs, and a few other things. I have learned over the years to ALWAYS start with the basics. We pulled codes and found a code set for the security system. The diagnostic chart was simple. Step one... Clear codes and restart vehicle. Does the code come back? Yes it did. Step two... Check connector pins at the ignition key switch and at the body control module. Did that, and the BCM connections were bad. Bent the pins back to where they belonged and restarted the vehicle. The security light was out and the code never reset. This vehicle did not need any parts replaced, just a little paying attention to on the basics like connection problems! The third step was to replace ignition key switch and then if that didnt work to replace BCM. This whole process took me 40 min and the customer was happier than a kid in a candy store.