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Mr Diagnostic

The Mobile Automotive Diagnostics and Programming Leader in New England!

Here is a good story about doing the proper research on the vehicle you are working on. Never assume you know what an acronym stands for unless you look it up in the specific cars manual or website!

     I was called in to look at a Hyundai for an air bag light on in the dash. The snap on tool my customer had could not get in. I attached my universal scan tool that I use a lot on asian cars and the code came up for psab sqib circuit problem. Here is where I went wrong. I assumed that PSAB stood for passenger side air bag and went forward diagnosing the wiring between the computer and the passenger side air bag. It all tested ok all three times I tested it but yet the code stayed active. I knew something was not right here so I went to Hyundai's website and looked up the code and the acronym psab. It turned out PSAB stood for passenger seat air bag mounted in the seat not the dash. I reassembled the dash and tested the seat bag wiring. Sure enough someone had shoved something under the seat at one time and ripped the wiring out for the squib circuit. I repaired the wiring and everything reset. I did not charge the customer for the time spent chasing the other circuit nor for the time on the seat circuit. I felt there was a valuable lesson learned here about acronyms and I would pay for the lesson not the customer!

     All being said no matter how much you think you know about anything in life; there is always something new to learn. The customer still gave me money for the repair because I did fix the car and in the end thats all that matters.